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About Organic Slogans, Sounds 4 Solutions, and

Innovating Markets Mission

About Powerful Tools

Organic Slogans™

Mission: To take the spirit of our client’s product, service, or idea and produce a slogan, digital ad, or commercial content that will capture the imagination of their fan-base and empower that base into action. (Compel them to buy)

Sounds 4 Solutions™

Mission: To enhance the marketing experience through sound and audibly express the intent of the solution through cinematic movies, commercial, digital ads, or jingles.

Powerful Tools

are a collection of solutions designed to support the Transformational Business Model collectively. 

Transformational Business Model (Platform)

Scale the Sale (app)

Yes! M.S.G. (P.O.S.)

Will be the first three powerful tools to rollout of a collection of ten.

NOTE: Powerful Tools lays the foundation of Hspirit Commerce Quantum Restructuring

Innovating Markets™

Mission: To reinvent products, services, or ideas so that we can increase our client’s earnings, revenue, and fan-base, while driving their market with innovation.

NOTE: ORGANIC SOLUTIONS lays the foundation for Hspirit Commerce Spectrum Restructuring



"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"

Bill Moyers

Creativity is one of our pillars--It is directly related to our authenticity. 

Roy Roberts-Chief Vision Officer